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One stop provider of highly reputable Diplomas, Advanced Diploma courses and a wide array of Certificate Courses and WSQ courses in Singapore.
Who We Are

Your one stop provider of highly reputable Diplomas, Advanced Diploma courses and a wide array of Certificate Courses and WSQ courses in Singapore.

Providing a wide array of certificate courses, Workforce Skills Qualifications (WSQ) courses and diplomas in Singapore for industry professionals, Avanta is a recognised institute with nearly a decade worth of experience, training both professionals in the private and governmental sector. Having received the Outstanding Enterprise Award in 2014, Avanta is accredited by many institutes within the government as well, ranging from the Ministry of Manpower to the SCDF defence force.
Our different certificate courses (mainly WSQ) are liable to funding via the SkillsFuture program, providing a discounted solution to professionals looking to further upgrade their skillsets in a rapid growing world.
We also provide programmes for diploma and advanced diploma in Singapore to professionals and students who are looking to deepen their knowledge in their selected fields, both with part time and full time schedules to suit their own personal schedules. From Maritime Engineering to Facilities Management, Avanta provides courses that are highly demanded in the Singaporean job market.
To keep up with this rapidly growing World, Avanta now provides an E-learning system to allow easy accessibility for students and multiply workflow efficiency for lecturers. Students are now able to complete their assignments from anywhere at anytime without any hassle.
We at Avanta strive to bring excellence and knowledge to you regardless of your chosen course, providing consistent quality education in our diploma and certificate courses to ensure that our students will be of great benefit to society.
Avanta Academy is centrally located in Singapore under the wings of dedicated lecturers and a committed team.
Avanta Academy maps our students with the essential knowledge and skills through our unique bevy of courses in Food and Beverage Management, Tourism & Hospitality Management, Safety and Health in Workplaces, Engineering and Design related fields.
With highly resourceful lecturers, the knowledge and progress rendered at Avanta Academy will satisfy the need of each and every student. Avanta Academy is committed educating students with interactive and flexible knowledge sharing. Hence, it is established as a national and a regional academy for students. 

Why Study in Avanta Academy
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A bevy of courses across the most sought after professions.

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Effective Curriculum

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Good Student Support

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Flexible Time tables

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Strong Academic Excellence

  • A leading and trusted educational Institution in a global economy that sees frequent changes in business trends
  • Thinking beyond traditional boundaries and providing innovative solutions that work
  • Demonstrate drive, passion and enthusiasm
  • Deliver exceptional and sustainable value
  • Building long term relationships
  • To be a professional Institution to cater the needs of the Singapore Workforce.
  • To be a leader in providing value based education to everyone.
  • Conceive, believe and achieve